El Chaman was opened in 2008 in Miami with the concept of providing the “Art of Peruvian Cuisine” that has gained such popularity and interest over the last few years, thru its bountiful richness of the land. Now it is your opportunity to experience the delicious combination of flavors that has made “El Chaman” one of the best Peruvian Restaurants in Miami for over 12 years.



…throughout the history of the Incas the Chaman was one of the most powerful men in the entire Empire if not the most.
The medicine man with Dark Powers the Gods the Elements – Strange Powers from the Underworld controlled by forces unknown… has guided their path, culture & way of life over centuries and most importantly their foods,
the Pacha Mama – The Earth – draws its offerings from the richness of land & sea and combines with the bountiful varieties of fruit and vegetables brought to the table with the magical & mysterious hands of El Chaman

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