…throughout the history of the Incas the Chaman was one of the most powerful men in the entire Empire if not the most.
The medicine man with Dark Powers the Gods the Elements – Strange Powers from the Underworld controlled by forces unknown… has guided their path, culture & way of life over centuries and most importantly their foods,
the Pacha Mama – The Earth – draws its offerings from the richness of land & sea and combines with the bountiful varieties of fruit and vegetables brought to the table with the magical & mysterious hands of El Chaman

  buen provecho

Marianella & Walter Kopp


Born and raised in Austria after completing his apprenticeship at the Culinary institute of Austria. Walter has traveled extensively in Europe and worked in upscale restaurant with “Haute Cuisine” all thru his career.

In 1988 he came to the US where he worked at the Fountainebleu Hilton on Miami Beach for several years in the culinary department, later on transferred to the Miami Airport Hilton & Towers where he became Executive Sous Chef.
He followed his mentor and former executive chef Ramesh Pillai to Puerto Rico and took leadership as the Executive Sous Chef at the world renowned El conquistador Hotel Casino & Resort, where he implemented his talent in all 16 restaurants throughout the hotel.

And paid special focus in Infusing his knowledge into Las Casitas, the resorts 5 diamond propertie’s, upscale gourmet Bistro – as well as “Isabelas” steak house and “Cassave” a place for Caribbean fusion cusine that was featured in the gourmet magazine.
After a few years on the islands, Walter moved back to the Miami with wife Marianella, daughter Stephanie and son Johnathan where he then worked for Wyndham international as Executive Chef. On several occasions Walter was sent as a task force executive chef for  throughout the country in support of special events. In 1998 Walter assumed the role of Executive Chef at the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort & Spa where he was heavily involved in uplifting the culinary quality and presentation at the hotel.
Few years later he moved into the Director of Food & Beverage and was leading his team for over 5 years under the Luxury resorts (LXR) umbrella. With the inspiration from his Peruvian Sole-mate & wife Marianella, and a passion for Peruvian culture & food has led to the opening of “El Chaman” in 2008, where Walter has fused his creative skills & experience of 25 years as a Chef with one of the most appraising cuisines of the new world the “Art of Peruvian Cuisine” that has gained such popularity and interest over the last few years, thru its bountiful richness of the land.